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If your salon is located in the Sydney Metropolitan area I will be glad to come to you. Appointments can usually be filled within a few days – sometimes sooner if you or another stylist are in a jam with non-performing scissors and no back-up. I am committed to providing pro-quality sharpening and prompt service that accommodates your schedule. All work can be done at your salon or in my mobile workshop, using the exact same equipment used in the workshop. I am based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney; however, I operate throughout the whole of the Sydney Metropolitan area. In an attempt to incorporate our travel expenses, our In-Salon service and pick-ups may be subject to a minimum number of scissors per visit, or a small travel fee according to your location.

Each scissor takes approximately 20 minutes to service but this is dependent on the scissor condition and style of edge required (Japanese/ European).. to ensure that I am providing the highest levels of service, our clients can then try their scissors immediately for quality of workmanship.I accept cash, and carry a square reader that accepts all major credit cards after sharpening.


CONVEXED - $60.00
BEVELLED - $50.00


Please note this is not an online booking form, we will confirm any and all booking enquiries.

Stylist's Beware

Typical sharpeners will use different machinery and possibly abrasives that are too harsh for haircutting scissors.Many sharpeners also do not have the experience and training in restoring a true Precision Convex Edge. This results in a damaged scissor that no longer performs like new.Note: In order to restore a scissor to factory conditions, that has been damaged by incorrect sharpening, corrective work is required at an additional cost. If this is your first time sharpening with me then I will waive thisfee, but if I receive a pair of scissors after we have already worked together, that have been damaged by another sharpeners bad sharpening then I will have to charge for the extra time it takes to repair their mistakes and then sharpen.